Why Choose LenderFi

  • At LenderFi our goal is simple: to offer you the lowest cost mortgage for any rate in the country.
  • To close loans in within two weeks and purchase loans in as little as 8 days.
  • Apply online. Get an instant online decision and request to lock in your rate.

Apply Online and will waive the $675 Lender Fee

While most lenders charge you $1400 – $1900 on fees for things like processing underwriting, doc prep fees. LenderFi charges $0 on all conventional, government and jumbo loans when you apply online. (Non QM Excluded)

About LenderFi

Since 2006, LenderFi has been an innovator in the mortgage industry, closing loans in as little as 8 days. Our offer is simple: provide the most competitive fees for any rate you choose with the least amount of paperwork and the fastest turn times of any lender in the nation. We use a state-of-the art interactive online system and are able to eliminate unnecessary expenses, which translates into savings for our customers.

Direct Lender

As a national direct lender, we are able to process your loan from origination to closing, using our own money. Additionally, as a Fannie Mae Seller servicer not only do we fund your loan, but we can service your mortgage payments as well.

Paperwork is the enemy!

Borrowing should not be complicated. Our philosophy is simple – we believe that paperwork is the enemy and we work tirelessly every day to use technology to eliminate much of the paperwork most banks require.


Apply online through our interactive website 24/7 to get an instant approval on a home loan and request your rate lock. If you are looking to buy a home when you apply, we can provide you with an instant, pre-approval letter day or night.

Rate Insurance

If our rates, for the no cost option, drops by as little as .25 percent from your current rate and you have made 6 on-time payments, we will rewrite your loan at no additional cost for life. (This excludes prepaid interest)